When it comes to talking to a real estate agent, nailing the right vibe is everything. When you’re keen to purchase a property, knowing what NOT to say is equally as important as knowing what to say. Here’s the scoop on what not to drop in your conversations: Stay Clear of the “Why Are They […]

4 things not to say to the real estate agent

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I wouldn’t take dental advice from a physiotherapist, and I wouldn’t take tax/financial/legal/building advice from a real estate agent. It isn’t because I don’t trust them, it’s because they’re not qualified to provide that advice. Yet we come across numerous situations where the agent has stepped outside their area of expertise – not necessarily on […]

Are you seeking the right independent property advice?

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In the world of real estate, stereotypes about agents are all too common. Many buyers find it difficult to trust them, assuming that a significant portion of what they say is either exaggerated or completely fabricated (in other words – that they’re always lying!!). In fact, they’re one of the most mistrusted professionals, aside from […]

6 tips for dealing with real estate agents

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Ready to turn your dreams of owning a place into reality? The First Home Guarantee Scheme is a government initiative all about helping eligible buyers get into the property market faster and with less stress. Say goodbye to hefty deposits and pesky mortgage insurance. To sum it up, the Scheme allows you to purchase a […]

How to buy with a 5% deposit

Saving for a deposit

Real estate agents, politicians, and used car salesmen – they’re often lumped together as some of the least trusted professions around. But is it fair to put all real estate agents in the same boat? Let’s start by setting the record straight – not all real estate agents are out to pull a fast one […]

Can you trust real estate agents?

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When it comes to deciding whether to buy a property now or wait, it ultimately depends on your personal situation. Being emotionally and financially ready are the most important factors to consider. Emotionally, it’s crucial to understand why you want to buy a property. Make sure it’s driven by your own desires, not external pressures. […]

Should you buy now or wait?


When you are looking to buy a home, how do you know if a property is the one? Similar to online dating, it can be hard to know when you’ve found the one. Here are my 8 tips to get you ready to commit (to a home)! 1. Research: Unlike the unpredictable world of dating, […]

How do you know when you’ve found “the one”?

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When it comes to buying a property in Australia, you’ll come across 2 methods of sale: auctions and private sales. In this post I’ll break down the differences including the benefits and drawbacks of each (although you don’t really have a choice as its the agent/vendor who will decide what method they use!) Alright, auctions […]

Auctions vs private sales – which is better?


If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me “what makes a good property?” I’d be duck-diving into a pile of money by now!  It’s kinda like asking “What makes a good holiday?” or “What makes a good tv show?” in that there is no one-size-fits-all solution and the possibilities are limitless of […]

5 Things That Make an Ideal Property

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I love a good analogy! They can be so helpful in creating immediate visual comparisons in situations where you might have limited real-world experience. 

So when I’m dealing with clients who are buying property for the first time, I often liken it to the unpredictable world of online dating. Hear me out – sometimes it can be a life-long commitment and the goal is to find a match made in heaven, right??

10 ways buying a property is like online dating

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