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the first home Guidebook

It’s having a buyer’s agent in your pocket (and on your screen) without the hefty price tag!  

You feel like buying your first home is an overwhelming goal 

You're saving for a deposit but not quite sure what to do next 

You’ve rinsed Google for all the free information under the sun but STILL don’t feel confident you know enough to buy a house

There’s gaps in your knowledge when it comes to the less shiny side to buying a house

You’re wasting time going to inspections of properties that aren’t right for you

You feel like you can’t make a decision because you can’t piece together all the information you’ve read

You aren’t sure who to listen to when it comes to advice about buying a property

You think you know what you’re doing but you’re terrified of making a mistake and creating a long term financial impact for yourself

Does this sound familiar?

The first home Guidebook is a step-by-step comprehensive roadmap written by an industry expert who buys 2-3 properties per week 

Plot twist: it’s not your fault. Most of us don’t learn about this kind of stuff in our day-to-day!

Almost ready to apply for a loan but not sure what the right property strategy is? This course will help you put a plan in place so you can hit the ground running once you're pre-approved

Starting to save for a deposit but not sure how much you need, or what to do next? This course will walk you through the entire buying process, right from the very beginning 

Who is this course designed for?

Already actively in the market?
This course will put you in the best position to avoid mistakes, buy the right property, speak to agents, and be successful with offers and auctions  

Almost ready to apply for a loan but not sure what the right property strategy is? This course will help you put a plan in place so you can hit the ground running once you're pre-approved

anyone looking to buy their first home
no matter what stage you're at in your buying journey 

what's in the course?

When and why should you buy a property? 

Creating a property strategy starts with the WHEN and the WHY. Buying a home is a huge decision and commitment, so it's important to make sure you're doing it for the right reasons. Being both financially and emotionally ready is essential before you buy. I tackle the biggest first buyer fears and how to overcome them.

Module One

Module Two

How much does it cost to buy a property?

I break down all of the costs involved in buying a property, and run through the pros and cons of different deposit amounts. This module runs through the different first home buyer grants, schemes and concessions so you can understand exactly what you're eligible for. 

Module Three

Your property support team

Having a great support team is an essential part of the property buying process! This included your mortgage broker, conveyancer/solicitor, building inspector, friends and family, and potentially a buyers agent. I explain what they do, how to find them and what questions to ask.

Module Four


Should you buy an apartment or a house? What is strata? Are body corporates a bad thing? What does Off The Plan mean? What are house and land packages? In this module I tackle all of these questions and more!

Module Five


In this module I explore how to put your property strategy together, which is your 'why, when, what and how'. It's absolutely vital to have a property strategy before you start looking at properties, and more importantly - making sure your strategy is realistic and achievable.

Module Six


Rentvesting is buying a property and leasing it out, and continuing to rent elsewhere (or keep living with your parents). How does it work and could it be the right strategy for you? I explain property investing 101 and the key considerations if you're considering being a rentvestor.

Module Seven


In this module I run through the basics of home loans, questions to ask a mortgage broker, getting ready for a loan (way before you’re even ready to buy!), properties the banks don’t like, pre-approvals, bank valuations, the finance process and loan options. 

Module Eight

Finding a property

This is the easy part, right?! Not quite! In this module I run through my top tips for searching for properties online, and how to find elusive (but exciting) off market and pre market properties. If you're not getting access to these properties you're potentially missing out on lots of opportunities!

Module Nine

Property inspections

The fun part! Now that you're ready to inspect properties, what are they key things to look out for? Not only inside the property but outside the property, in the local area, and within the contract. I deep dive further into my '100 things to look out for at a property inspection' checklist and tell you what to say (and what not to say!) to real estate agents.

Module Ten

Doing your due diligence

It's crucial to do all of your due diligence when purchasing a property. But what does this mean? I explain how to appraise a property and figure out what it's worth, the conveyancing process and what to expect in contracts, building inspections, strata research and council checks.

Module Eleven

Buying the property

Once you've found 'the one', how do you actually buy it?! I'll teach you how to formulate and submit an offer, how to deal with private sales, negotiation tips, how to prepare for and bid at auctions, and how to deal with pass-ins. 

Module Twelve

After you buy

Woohoo! You've bought a property! Now what? I'll explain the steps which happen after purchase and before settlement. But that's not all! I'll also give you my top tips on what to do once you're a home owner. From insurances to refinancing and beyond. 

Arm you with the knowledge to buy property with confidence 

Cover every inch of the home-buying process from pre-buying preparation to post purchase

Hold your hand through the process with step-by-step instructions

Demystify industry jargon and confusing regulations

Teach you what and what not to say when dealing with agents

Avoid costly mistakes by knowing what to look out for

this course is designed to... 


Engaging a buyer’s advocate can come with an investment of around $15k - $20k+ which isn’t always possible for first home buyers who are already closely managing a budget. My intention with the The Property Guidebook is that it fills the need for a buyer’s advocate, but at a much more accessible rate. 

Enrol now! 


Payment plan x 3 months

option 1: full payment

option 2: payment plan

best value

Vast insider knowledge

Learn from an industry expert with a proven track record

Spreadsheets, pdfs, 
videos, tutorials & more

Step-by-step instructions from start to finish.

An accessible alternative to a buyer’s advocate

The first home Guidebook is a practical and immediately applicable course jam-packed with invaluable industry knowledge that will last you a lifetime - no fluff! 

What to expect

Then The first home Guidebook is PERFECT for you!

Have all the information you need to buy a house in the one place

Have a CLEAR roadmap on how to buy a house from start to finish

Know what to look out for to minimise the possibilities of making a mistake

Advocate confidently for yourself when talking to real estate agents

Feel confident that what you’re learning is from someone who is 
✔️  Degree qualified
✔️ An industry expert with over 10 years experience
✔️ A trusted source with a reputable name in the industry

Set clear boundaries on what you want and what you can afford

Have a definitive guide on which path to take and how to do it

Know exactly what to say and when to real estate agents

Make decisions without second guessing yourself

Buy a house knowing that you’ve made the right decision

Have an edge over other buyers by knowing exactly what’s happening at all times

If you wish you could….

Don’t see your question here? 


Buying a property is right up there with one of the biggest financial and emotional decisions one might make in their lifetime and making an error in judgement or overlooking critical due diligence can be costly and have long-term financial impacts. Why risk it?

The internet has a huge amount of free information, sure. But with The First Home Guidebook you’re guaranteed to be learning from a reputable source, with the latest information, from someone who buys houses for a living. No more piecing together information - it’s a proven roadmap that I use every single day to purchase 2 - 3 properties per week.

Why do I need this?

If you’re interested in my buyer’s advocacy services for the inner suburbs of Melbourne, please reach out via for more information
about services and fees. 

Buyer’s advocacy services can come with an investment of around $15 - $20k which isn’t always accessible for first home buyers managing a tight budget. My intention with The First Home Guidebook is that it fills the need for a buyer’s advocate, but at a much more accessible rate. 

Will I get to work directly with Amy?

By investing in learning from me you are:

✔️ Learning from an expert who buys houses for a living (2-3 per week to be precise)          and has a record of over 1300 property purchases
✔️ Receiving content that is continually updated with the latest trends and 
✔️ Getting information and guidance that isn’t readily available for free on the internet       information
✔️ Given a step-by-step guide instead of a puzzle you put together yourself 
✔️ Learning from someone degree-qualified and fully registered as a buyer’s                         advocate AND real estate agent
✔️ Making an investment that I’m confident will save you money in the long run

Why should I invest in learning with you?

All sales are final and there is a no refund policy as you’ll have full access to the course after purchase. I believe strongly in the integrity and effectiveness in the course content, however if you have any major concerns please feel free to reach out with any feedback and we can chat! 

What's your refund policy?

This is entirely up to you as the course is self-paced! Depending on your individual timeline to purchasing a property, you could smash it out over a few days or take your time. For optimal learning, I strongly suggest giving yourself time to digest each module before moving on and ensuring you fully understand the content before moving on. If you have any questions let me know! 

How long will it take me to get through the content?

We all know the internet is awash with “experts” and it can be really hard to know which sources are credible. Sure, there’s some really useful resources out there but it can be difficult to piece it all together to know the step by step process. The First Home Guidebook takes out all of the guesswork and is the definitive resource for first home buyers - everything you need to know in one spot, from a credible and experienced source. You’ll also access information that isn’t readily available on the internet with The First Home Guidebook. It doesn’t just cover HOW to buy a property, but also dives deep into the psychology of home buying which is equally as important and can help with decision making, avoiding procrastination and overcoming fears

What's the benefit of learning from an industry expert vs gathering free info from the internet?

It’s totally natural to feel nervous about investing your money - which is 100% why you need this course in the first place! To support your property-buying journey which is a massive financial and emotional decision. I’m confident this course will save you money in the long run in a myriad of ways whether it be helping you buy a property faster, not wasting money on unnecessary building inspections, avoiding costly mistakes in buying a property, or giving you an edge in negotiations.

The First Home Guidebook is designed to build your knowledge base so you can buy property with confidence, avoid making errors and reduce stress whilst saving you time - you can’t put a price on that!

I'm nervous about investing in the course while I'm trying to save. Will it be valuable?

I’m confident the course will teach you something (or probably many things) which you don’t already know. Even if you think you know what you’re doing, it’s super useful to cross-check your information with a professional expert to ensure there are no gaps in your knowledge and ensure you’re not missing anything.

What if I don’t need all the content / I know what I’m doing?

It’s all yours to access for as long as you need it, and it can be super handy to refer back to for the purchase of your second property :) 

How long do I have to access the course?

We appreciate you respecting the terms and conditions by agreeing not to share the course. However if you’d like to refer a friend please let me know!

Can I share it with a friend?


✔️ a degree-qualified advocate 
✔️ a licenced estate agent
✔️ a qualified property investment advisor (QPIA)
✔️ a property investor, renovator and developer 

Let’s acknowledge the internet is full of “experts” - some more credible than others. I created The First Home Guidebook as a one-stop destination for aspiring home-buyers out there because, quite frankly, there is a serious lack of reputable information available when you consider what a massive financial decision buying a house is and the potential long-term fallouts that come with making mistakes.

I’m really proud to share The First Home Guidebook with you, and can’t wait to hear about your future purchase! 

I have my own boutique buyer’s advocate agency, Amy Lunardi Property and across 10 years in the industry I’ve guided well over 1000 home buyers, investors and vendors through their property journeys as:

As a buyer's agent, my job is to help people buy homes. On average I buy 2-3 properties per week for my clients, which is more than many people purchase in their entire lifetime!

Every day I'm creating strategies for buyers, searching for properties (including off-market properties), doing inspections, appraising properties, speaking to agents, doing due diligence, negotiating, bidding, problem solving, and essentially being a property concierge (and sometimes a councillor!) for my clients. My clients purchase within 6 weeks on average, and almost a third of these properties are 'off market'.

I'm conscious that not everyone can afford to work directly with a buyers agent, which is why I created The First Home Guidebook.

The number one question you’re probably asking right now is… who am I and why should you listen to me? 

Hey, I’m Amy!

Cat obsessed|extroverted|
chronic overachieving property nerd

The less interesting but equally important stuff

• A Certificate IV in Property Services
• Double Bachelor Degree in Commerce & Arts (Economics) | Melbourne Uni
• Qualified Property Investment Advisor (PIPA) 

Welcome friend! Ready to learn everything you need to know about buying a property? You're in the right place.